SBM Developpement

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Life science

For more than 20 years, we have specialised in the development, formulation and distribution of crop protection products for professionals and individuals.

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An approach

We are a committed player in the creation of innovative and sustainable solutions to facilitate food production, whilst respecting the well-being of man and his environment.

…a mission

Protect and enhance life, plant or human.

4 strengths, in order to bring security to our customers

Innovation & development


Formulation & packaging


a chain of skills to provide flexibility and reactivity.

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Complementary Subsidiaries

In order to respond to the particularities of our markets, we have organized our 5 subsidiaries around an industrial activity and a commercial activity.

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SBM, in a few figures


80 product registrations
obtained during
the past 10 years

€70 million
of turnover in 2015

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