A complete value chain resting
upon 4 sets of skills

Innovation and development

Thanks to our dedicated laboratories, the development of crop protection formulations and biocides is historically an expertise of the SBM Group and constitutes one of our major skills for the professional market or for that of the home gardener.
We develop innovative solutions, responding to the expectations and needs of users in the fields of biocontrol and of synthesis..


This is key to the Group, because it includes a large part of the intellectual property. Due to a close relationship with the innovation and development team, it allows us to obtain from the authorities the necessary authorisations for the placing products on the market, approved for use in the market segment in which it will be marketed.

This registration is possible only after numerous environmental and toxicological studies to examine the compatibility and the impacts of the product on the environment and the user depending upon its application, its uses, and its target, whether professional or amateur.

The SBM Group has this expertise on both plant protection products and biocide products (habitat protection) at two levels:

A permanent watching brief is also maintained, so as to better understand the regulatory framework as it evolves.

Formulation and Packaging

From a manufacturing point of view, formulation consists of a variety of operations, mixing, dissolution, grinding, extrusion, thereby associating one or more active substances with co-formulants, in order to:

In formulation and packaging, our manufacturing equipment is adapted to both professional and amateur markets:

Our site of B├ęziers, SBM Formulation, for agricultural professionals, with substantial production capacity available at short notice, and the packaging selected for their ease of use and their environmental impact (minimum residual contaminated packaging generated). The site specialises in fungicides, insecticides, and molluscicides, with facilities enabling us to manufacture many different types of formulations (liquids, powders, dispersible granules, pellets for spreading).

Our site of Salindres, IRIS, for the consumer market and for the professional specialty crops market. The wide variety of packaging increases the complexity of implementation. Regulations impose increasingly greater constraints on protecting the user, and on the precision of the applied dose. Packaging must meet a set of requirements associated with consumer products (for example child safety CAP). Many small production runs require an appropriate organisation coupled with great flexibility.
The site specialises in the formulation of ready-to-use products, herbicides and biocontrol products, as well as small packs of crop protection and fertilizer products.


We distribute our products in three markets:

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