The Spirit
of our subsidiaries

The SBM Group companies

To provide the best solutions to our customers and respond to their expectations, the SBM Group is organized into 5 independent subsidiaries working for each other within a holding company grouping support functions (Finance, Human Resources, Innovation, R&D etc…)

Manufacturing Activities

SBM Formulation

The expert in contract formulation on behalf of the big players in the agrochemical business, to protect crops from pests and diseases.

SBM Formulation formulates and packages plant protection products (insecticides, fungicides and molluscicides) for all the big players of the agrochemical industry.

A vast area of expertise in formulation development (thanks to a laboratory and modern pilot equipment), its application in our manufacturing plants and packaging in packages of all types and volumes.

SBM Formulation offers the most complete range of formulation technologies in the market, both in the field of liquids (EC, SL, EW, SC, SE, FS...) and solids (WP, GR, GB, RB, WG by extrusion, WG by fluidised bed).

The flexibility of SBM Formulation’s organization and equipment allows it to respond to the needs of its clients with the least possible delay, and to provide an attractive economic offer. The company is certified ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Its technologies and its organization make SBM Formulation one of the leading independent formulators in Europe.

  • 110
  • €25 M
    in 2015
  • 20,000
    tonnes per year


The Multi-Product Small
Packaging Experts

Iris caters to the professional market and to the amateur home & garden market. The site specialises in the formulation of ready to use, herbicides and biocontrol products, as well as in the packaging of crop protection and fertiliser products.

Iris can pack in sizes between 1 ml (or 1g) and 2 litres (or 2 kg):

The diversity of packaging lines and their partial automation provides the flexibility essential to this small package market whilst ensuring an excellent level of competitiveness.

  • 40
  • €5 M
    turnover in 2015
  • 10 million
    units manufactured in 2015

Commercial Activities


Specialist in the Crop Protection in the Professional / Agricultural Market

CMPA, through the holding company SBM Development, develops and obtains registrations for its innovative solutions in the crop protection market which are then made available to the agricultural market, through national distributors in the EU and outside the EU.

The main activity of CMPA relies on cypermethrin, which product the SBM Group has defended through Annex 2 (the active ingredient) at European level in 2006.
Through the formulation expertise of the Group, CMPA was able to register and market two innovative products on the French and European markets:

CMPA’s products are all manufactured at SBM Formulation.

  • 4
  • Products distributed in

    countries (including 24 in the EU)
  • 4 million
    hectares of maize and sunflower protected in France for 8 years with Belem®/Daxol®
  • €22 M
    turnover in 2015


Maintain and Beautify the Garden, protect the Home

Novajardin sells products for the care of plants , as well as of the Home through 4 complementary brands:

Logo Solabiol

The expert in the natural world

  • N°1 in organic fertilizers and N°1 in natural treatment products in France.
  • Pioneer for more than 40 years of organic gardening
  • Covers all the needs in soil improvement (peats & composts), in care (treatment) and in plant nutrition (fertilisation)
  • Innovative products to meet the needs of organic gardening, year after year
Logo Capiscol

The expert in the care of plants

  • N°3 in treatment of plants using synthetic products in France
  • Strong reputation in the market of self-service farming shops
  • Only soil insecticide registered for use in France, due to Group historical expertise
Logo Caussade

The expert in Pest Control

in DIY Supermarkets
  • N°2 in France in DIY supermarkets
  • Trusted brand since 1957
  • Broadest portfolio of active ingredients in the market
  • Differentiated packaging well recognized and appreciated
Logo Anti

The expert from the grade

in large Surfaces food
  • N°2 in France in food supermarkets
  • Specialist brand authenicated by membership of SBM Group
  • Strong identity on the shelf

The company enjoys a strong growth. Its ability to meet the current and future needs of consumers makes Novajardin one of market leaders. Through the depth of its range of brands, skills brought by the SBM Group (innovation, development, registration, formulation and production) and the quality of its teams, Novajardin is capable of becoming a major player in its market. It continues to take advantage of the current trend towards biocontrol products (branded as Solabiol®, natural gardening) and Biocides (protection of the home against pests under the brands Caussade® and Anti®).

  • 65
  • €31 M
    turnover in 2015


Our Know-How in Aromatherapy
in the Service of Well-being

Destined for use by professionals and by the general public, the LCA brand has the mission to democratise aromatherapy, previously the domaine of specialists.

LCA seeks to inform the greatest number of people about the extraordinary effects of aromatic plants over health, beauty and well-being. It offers a selection of aromatic products, all pleasant and practical to use, and seeks to create a voluntary educational approach to support and educate the consumer. Created and developed in the heart of Provence for 40 years, the LCA brand capitalises on formulae that have been proven by time: essential oils, vegetable oils, floral extracts, all ready to use. In total, LCA offers more than 300 referenced products which combine traditional recipes and scientific expertise.

The company relies on a strategy of multi-channel distribution (pharmacy, garden centres, online shop) and regularly develops new lines to meet a growing demand for natural and effective solutions.

  • 15
  • €1 M
    of turnover (budget 2016)
  • 211
    references of essential oils
  • 14
    tons of aromatic ingredients sold per year


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